Gender Identity

Gender Identity, Sexual Identity, Gender Dysphoria - Derek Murphy, DM Counselling, New Ross and WaterfordGender Identity and sexual issues can be the source of great angst, conflict, self-doubt and confusion. A person who is exploring their sexuality may find it a confusing and challenging time, regardless of their age or circumstance. Furthermore, a parent may also struggle coming to terms with their son or daughter’s emerging sexuality and the way this sexuality is being expressed.

Gender Identity and Coming Out

People coming out often face the very real fear of rejection by friends and family, and discrimination in their work or professional life. This fear can cause a lot anxiety, creating a hidden life which may be reckless and unfulfilling.

Even when out, and confident about their gender identity, sometimes LGBTQ+ people face violence, bullying and hate crimes. All of these can lead to stress, depression, anxiety, identity issues, and poor self-esteem.

In a confidential, safe and non-judgmental environment, you can receive support for managing your concerns over coming out. You can find ways to deal with discrimination, and help to address other experiences faced by a member of the LGBTQ+ community, including relationships, marriage and parenting.


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